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Turn Website Visitors Into Business

Imagine the most well trained employee answering questions in real time with the right answer for YOUR business every time! And they will work for you 24/7/365, and help capture more customers who are currently only visitors to your website. Turn questions into leads/bookings/reservations/sales, effortlessly.  Whatever your business rules are, we train your virtual BDC to flawlessly execute your plan. And you can have us adjust it at any time.

Discover the Impact: My Website AI will help you maximize your website.

My Website AI will help streamline your website and maximize your business goals

  • 24/7 Customer Engagement:

  • My Website AI can be customized by any name you choose to give it, whether it is male or female, and we set the sequence for every interaction based on your needs and business objectives. The round the clock service allows businesses to be able to intelligently handle inquiries and generate revenue, even when no one is working.

    Did we mention that My Website AI speaks more than 12 languages? Anyone who types in one of these languages will automatically be answered in that language.

  • Cost-Effective Operations

  • Implementation of My Website AI is easy and can reduce staffing or operational costs compared to attempting to hire someone to respond instantly to questions and leads from your current or prospective clients. Invest the time savings of your human resources where they can be best utilized to make you money. My Website AI is about the cost of a full time person at minimum wage for 2 or 3 days in a month.

  • Consistent Brand Communication

  • Every communication can be programmed in a manner that aligns with the voice of your business and its messaging. My Website AI can even tie into your advertising for any special event, or promotion that you want to be presented and then when you want that communication removed we do it within one hour. Having conformity and consistency in all communication is the hallmark of great companies and customer satisfaction.

    Turn website traffic into CUSTOMERS with My Website AI

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    Features you'll love

  • Connect with your customers, no matter what the platform is, Facebook, Whatsapp, Web or Telegram, and have those conversations appear in one convenient place for your team.

  • Have 24/7 access to your own dashboard

  • Instant analytics available

  • Records of every conversation with all questions and answers

  • Ability to create with us a single or multiple choice question and answer guided path to get your desired outcome.

  • Highly responsive Tech Support

  • Responses in over 10 languages to increase customer interaction.

  • Everything you need for $299 per month!

    Unbeatable Value: Comprehensive Virtual Support Services for $299/month

    What's included

    Engage Site Visitors Like Never Before

    In the dynamic world of digital marketing, communication, and sales, My Website AI will help you stay ahead of the competition!

    • Support for over 10 languages

    • Real-time lead notifications

    • 24/7 customer engagement

    • Cost effective lead generation/nurturing 

    • Qualify leads effortlessly 

    • Fine-tunable responses and flow

    • Dashboard & reporting access

    • Consistent brand communication

    • Collect vital visitor information

    • CRM integration for most open systems

    Our customers love what we do

    We now have the ability to be available 24/7/365 for every BHPH customer without having a staff member available to answer questions. We can improve our Sales / Underwriting and support team without hiring more staff... It is easier to use My Virtual BDC than search the website or and provide instant accurate information without someone leaving the site to look something up. It is the equivalent of taking years of training someone and turning into a few days. And the best part, it never gets off track or develops any bad habits. We gave their team all the information and we had it on our website in 3 days fully integrated and operational. My team can at any time get a new question, or new guidelines to the support at My Virtual BDC and provide updated customized BHPH specific answers our programs to our customers the same day. Providing answers and information in English and Spanish fluidly helps immensely for our customers.

    Every dealership I’ve ever been in has had issues hiring and training our sales and support team quickly. But this BHPH BDC solution can easily handle unlimited inquiries easily and effortlessly. My Virtual BDC helps to deliver more and higher quality candidates who until now just visit the site and look around and leave. By providing our program guidelines up front we are wasting less time and resources on people who will in no way qualify but encourage the ones that do qualify to fill out the application that is presented to them right away.  Once we saw the questions coming in and saw better application quality from our website, we now even have it show photos of acceptable ID’s and other stipulations which saves tremendous time. This also accelerates the delivery when they come into the dealership. We can increase sales without hiring more people, and it helps with staffing no matter what seasonal sales cycle we are in.

    J. Rose

    San Antonio, TX

    What I like best about My Virtual BDC is its ease of implementation and BHPH customization from people who have industry experience. This is proving to have a significant impact on our customer service. We access our dashboard or read the real time emails coming in and actually can review every question asked by the customer and the answers they were given. It took about an hour of my and my staff’s time and everything was customized to the way we do business.  It has helped us make everything a customer needs or wants to know available and accessible, no matter where our customers are in their buying process. It's a game-changer that allows us to deliver 24/7 service in many languages, a critical factor that has contributed to making bilingual service instant and friendly. We are converting website visitors into applications, and they push all the information into our CRM.  A win-win product for us and the clients. 

    Chuck R.

    Houston, TX

    When we first signed up with My Virtual BDC I thought it might be better than having my new guys handling leads. If they figure out a way to handle the phones I will have it handle every lead! My marketing guys would come in and tell me about all the clicks I was getting because of their genius, and I was getting a handful of app’s a month from the website. I installed this and after a month we saw about 50% more app’s than the previous month I got a little excited. After month two I called looking for suggestions to try to create more app’s and attention from the website to the BDC. I got one of the partners in the company and asked what we have to do to get even more app’s? He asked me questions and I figured he had been in the business (30 years) so I asked if we could work on it together, and worked with him one on one for about an hour and a half and we increased our app’s again by more than 50%. After listening to what I thought we needed he suggested not only listing the stips, but that we put pictures of the stips in the BDC to eliminate confusion and almost all those incoming web leads show up with what we need to deliver them with no running around by my staff or the customer. This was a great call for us, we got technical stuff handled quickly and we got industry knowledge that helped me solve problems converting more web app’s that I had forever.

    Mario V.

    Newark, NJ

    Turn website visitors into customers with My Website AI.

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